RIP George Michael

When George Michael died I had my thoughts but it didn’t hit me as I had contacted him in the past and he I can only assume had someone filter out the crazy email or blow me off, but he is George Michael so he was probably busy. I wanted to share my George Michael story in tribute.

I was going through some very bad times and the voices were destroying me by testing me, to my book I wrote now called My personal ethics code, and it was killing me. I was getting no sleep, it was a living nightmare. Burning Man was trying to confuse me.

I also had received two signs from God that everything was going to be OK but they were not so I said in my apartment in Arizona alone “Look God I am trying but I don’t get it you say everything is going to be OK but it is not OK, I don’t understand, so I am going to turn on the radio and the next thing it says I am going to take as your meaning.” I was ready to devote my life to eating cheeseburgers if that was what was on the radio.

So I walked over to my little clock radio and said “Here I go!” and turned it on it was George Michael singing “…I gotta have faith. Faith faith faith.”

I fell on the floor laughing.

Things didn’t get better immediately, but they are.

Here is how woman react when they are told they are beautiful…


By Amanda Proença Santos
23 December 2016

Two years ago, Turkish photographer Mehmet Genç embarked on his latest project visiting indigenous communities in Latin America. As his Instagram alias, rotasizseyyah or “nomad without a route”, suggests, the photo that gave birth to his “You are so Beautiful” project was entirely unplanned.

In January 2015, Genç was in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico. He had been trying to get his subject to feel more comfortable under the scrutiny of his camera, and when a request for her to smile didn’t quite work, he found himself telling her she was beautiful. [Read the full story]

Pope celebrates 80th birthday, invites 8 homeless people to breakfast


(CNN)Pope Francis celebrated his 80th birthday Saturday by sharing breakfast with eight homeless people inside the Vatican.

The pontiff offered guests sweets from his native Argentina during the meal, which also featured pastries, meats, Nutella and orange juice. [Read the Full Story]

Mmmmm… Nutella….

New World Wide Event, “Loving Woman”

I am starting a new event called “Loving Woman” as woman may be the physically weaker sex, but they are the emotionally stronger sex. Without woman, men would do nothing but fart and fight.

This event is world wide that takes place on the last weekend of July. It will be anywhere you want to have the event. It can take place in the park or your yard or a national park or the beach anywhere your favorite woman would enjoy the best. It is about thanking the woman for being so strong and right now the only holiday the woman has is for “pushing a bowling ball out of their vagina” otherwise known as Mothers day.

This event is put on by the men and it is all about showing appreciation for the woman.

Here are some suggestions that I am going to do, please feel free to copy me or come up with your own.

“Loving Woman” a gathering to celebrate and honor the “Goddess”.

Songs about love for woman.

Camp Fires.

Sonnets of Love.

Wine, Champagne, and Carbonated juice for the “Young Woman”.

Chocolates and Chocolate covered Strawberries.

Presentation of handmade gifts.

Potted flowers and bouquets.

Jokes about men. (This one is easy as all you have to do is take a blond joke and replace Blond with “Man”)

First kiss story.

Appropriate Dancing.

Fancy clothing.

Makeover’s for men.

Woman’s suggestions for men to make their lives together easier.

Baby Parade!

Grandma Tribute.

Womanly advice to boys about what woman really want.

“Green Candle Ritual” – This is something I made up. Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility. The man sets up a Taper or Dinner Candle in a holder and lights the candle. As long as it burns the woman can say what ever is on her mind and the man has to listen. When she is done she can blow the candle out or when the candle burns out it is over and ends with a kiss. This ritual can also be performed by the man if he needs to say something or profess his love for the woman.

It is not supposed to be abused or used to force an ideal that the other doesn’t agree with. It is supposed to be used for growth of the relationship.

I hope you will join me in your own way and honor the better half of most couples.

Diwali becomes a global celebration…

“People from across the globe shared Diwali greetings

Published: 18:28 October 31, 2016 Gulf News
Evangeline Elsa

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, was commemorated for the first time at the United Nations, with the world body’s imposing headquarters lit up especially on the occasion.” Read the full story.

Diwali or Deepavali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated every year in autumn in the northern hemisphere (spring in southern hemisphere). It is an official holiday in Fiji, Guyana, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. One of the major festivals of Hinduism, it spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Its celebration includes millions of lights shining on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings in the communities and countries where it is observed.[11] The festival preparations and rituals typically extend over a five-day period, but the main festival night of Diwali coincides with the darkest, new moon night of the Hindu Lunisolar month Kartika in Bikram Sambat calendar. In the Gregorian calendar, Diwali night falls between mid-October and mid-November. Source